What to Wear to an Outdoor Wedding– Tips for Female Guests

You’re sure to have fun as a guest for an outdoor wedding. Yet it’s also essential that you must dress appropriately to show your respect to the newlyweds and make yourself look good. The dress etiquette for an outdoor wedding is more tricky than an indoor one as you get something more to consider when choosing what to wear.

Weather matters a lot, obviously. It’s necessary to know the possible weather on the day. For a warm sunny day, you’re free to wear a strapless dress, sleeveless dress or short sundress. It’s good to bring a pair of sunglasses, don a not-huge hat or a lightweight bolero if you don’t want to expose much under the strong sunshine. If it is cool or chilly, wear warmer clothes or pair your dress with a shawl or a jacket, otherwise you’re likely to catch a cold after the wedding. Reading the weather forecast will help you make the choice, but it’s not a 100% guarantee. You’d better bring an out layer in case.

Outdoor weddings are always less formal yet it’s still advisable to check the actual formality for the wedding you’re attending. Remember that it’s better asking than erring. If there’s no specific dress code you can turn to the time of the day. A daytime outdoor wedding generally asks for casual attire; while more formal outfits are suitable in the evening. No matter the formality, no shorts, no jeans and no floor length dress for an outdoor wedding.

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Be cautious when you choose the color of your dress. Forego white and ivory unless you’re told to dress in that color. The white color family is reserved for the bride. Black is not a best choice neither as it doesn’t match well with the festive mood of wedding. But it’s becoming acceptable in recent years. If you stick to the black color, it’s a good idea to wear a light color wrap to create a softer look. Simple lighter colors are suitable for weddings in the daytime. Go for darker colors for an evening wedding dress.

An outdoor wedding requires shoes that are not only classy but also comfortable. The field would be grassy, moist or slippery. Stay away from stiletto or spike heels, or you’ll run the risk of sinking into the earth or slipping. Dressy flats and wider heels are better options for an outdoor wedding dress.

It could be inappropriate if you put on revealing clothing. Casual as the outdoor wedding would be, it’s a ritual ceremony after all. Miniskirts, low tops and plunging necklines are not polite for this kind of occasion.

Last but not least, never over dress yourself to outshine the bride! It’s her big day!

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