What to Wear as a Guest to a Quinceanera

When you are invited to a wedding, you can easily find dress code that each guest should stick to, and that’s to avoid wearing white. For a Quinceanera, it also applies. However, there’s nothing more disgusting than trying to steal other’s spotlight, especially when they are your best friends or cousins. It doesn’t mean that you can’t wear beautifully on her day, but think of these dresses which will look gorgeous without piss someone else off.

Tube Top Mini Dress

Tube top mini dress is a fashion way of enjoying yourself on the dance floor without stepping on other’s toes. Some mini dresses even have side pockets which can hold your lipsticks or powder compact. When choosing this kind of dress, don’t pick oversize or undersize, you can easily be the focus of everybody’s attention. Don’t make yourself the leading role of a peep-show. Purchase a mini dress with suitable length by making a small test. When donning your dress, be seated and pretend you are putting on a shoe. If the dress climbs up your thigh to almost expose your underwear, or you’re going to expose your bust, you might need to search the shop once again for a better one.

Quinceanera guest dress

Maxi Dresses

The maxi dresses work well with different body shapes and give an illusion of elongated appearance. Designers made different maxi dresses in various shades, materials and cuts, you have thousands of options to pick from. When shopping for your maxi dress, find a floor length instead of dragging on the floor. Never clean the floor by your dress! If you plan to wear a deep-V maxi dress, do not spill from your top!

Cocktail Dress

When you don’t know what to choose, why not try a cocktail dress without overdressed or underdressed for a Quinceanera. If you are not good at accessorizing, find yourself a dress with bling embellishment. Don’t forget your makeup! A natural and light touch is appropriate for a Quinceanera. The thumb rule of choosing a cocktail dress is fitting. Your neckline, bustline, waistline, and the skirt length need to be fitting like a glove. Try on cocktail dresses in various styles until you get the one which flatters your figure best.

Little Black Dress

LBD is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. You can never go wrong with little black dress in any formal events. Available in delicate cut, various styles and everlasting taste, LBD leads the fashion trend for decades.

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